5 mm Precision Low Pressure / Vacuum NMR Tube for Auto Samplers, 200 mm (300 MHz)

• Precision NMR tube
• Low Pressure / Vacuum
• For Auto Samplers

• MHz Rating: 300 Mz
Low Pressure / Vacuum NMR Tubes offer convenient flame-free sealing solution for air sensitive or volatile liquid samples from vaccum to pressure slightly above 1 bar. Greaseless PTFE piston provides a 100% contamination-free seal.

These LPV tubes are optimized for automatic samplers that require clearance on sample tube height. The length of this system after tightening the piston and removing the top glass vacuum adapter is 200 mm; the bottom NMR tube is 138 mm.

Product Specifications:
• Concentricity: 51 µm
• Camber: 25 µm
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Manufacturer Wilmad