Small scale Cell Free protein expression starter kit

Musaibo Kun CFPF starter kit

Kit includes:
• Internal solution - 0.338 mL
• External solution - 4.125 mL
• Unlabeled amino acids mixture - 0.5 mL
• Control DNA (pUC-CAT) - 50 ng/mL - 25 mL
• Scienova Xpress Micro Dialyser MD100 (12 - 14 kDa)
Cell-free protein expression is a great complement to in vivo expression systems for the production of small amounts of recombinant proteins. Musaibo Kun cell-free kits exploit optimized E. coli cell extracts and have been designed for coupled in vitro transcription and translation of circular or linear DNA into proteins in a single reaction system.
The Starter kit enables the optimization of protein expression conditions before large scale production of labeled protein samples.
For more information, visit our Cell-Free Expression application page.
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Manufacturer Cortecnet