5 mm Economy NMR Tube, 7" (>100 MHz)

• Class B Borosilicate Glass
• 7" long
• 1 tube with cap
• MHz Rating: >100 MHz
Wilmad-LabGlass Economy NMR Tubes are manufactured from borosilicate glass that meets the ASTM Type 1 Class B standard and recognized as N51A. Due to its nature, this glass has much less thermal-shock resistance than Class A glass used for precision NMR tubes. It may contain Fe2O3 which is paramagnetic (1200 ppm) and has certain impact on shimming quality depending on the magnetic field strength.

Economy tubes are recommended only for experiments with small organic molecules (Molecular Weight ∼ 500) at ambient temperature.

Please note that cooling/heating of these tubes may lead to breakage. For NMR experiments that involve cooling, heating, biological sample, multi-dimension, multi-nuclei or DNP techniques, please refer to Precision NMR tubes.

The camber and concentricity listed below are upper limit values.

Product specifications:
• Length: 7 inches
• Thickness: 0.43 mm
• O.D.: 4.94665 ± 0.01905 mm
• Concentricity: 51 µm
• Camber: 50 µm
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